WE ARE LIVING GLORIOUS TIMES in the history of THE CHURCH and of the world… and IT IS the time in which God is filling the earth with the knowledge of His Glory (Hab.2:14), and He is doing this through HIS CHURCH globally (Ephes.3:10). THE CHURCH is about to be invaded with a GLORIOUS OUTPOURING from Heaven to earth, and will receive the Fullness of the Holy Spirit and Latter Glory in this end time; and with great miracles, signs and wonders, and mighty acts of power, will infiltrate society and proclaim the Gospel of our Lord JESUS CHRIST, the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven in every nation, on earth as it is in Heaven! (Mt. 6:10).  THE CHURCH is REACHING & SAVING LIVES in the powerful Name, Spirit, Glory and power of JESUS CHRIST!

We THE CHURCH, are called and sent by God, as a Prophetic Voice and Forerunner, to prepare the way for the return of Christ, to raise a Generation of passionate CHRIST followers, GOD-fearing, HOLY SPIRIT filled, Worshipers in Spirit and in Truth, Kingdom Culture Revivalists who are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, who establish the Kingdom of Heaven, and move in the gifts and Spirit of God.

THE CHURCH is here to reach and save the lost, heal the sick, cleanse the leper, raise the dead, cast out demons.

We are THE CHURCH… encountering Heaven on earth… A Movement In Itself!

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A Global Multi-Minsitries Church - (Power Of The Gospel)